Some comments from parents:

hands_bunny_hopsMollie says she likes it. She’d like people to do it to her! She enjoys doing it to other people. Don’t notice a ‘calmness’ yet!!!!
Parent of nursery child

Ryan really enjoys massage sessions. He comes home asking if we would like a massage and sings the songs. He is very calm and relaxed when he is showing us.”
Parent of nursery child

Oliver seems to have enjoyed the massage part of his afternoon at nursery telling us who he has massaged and showing us how it’s done!”
Parent of nursery child

Oscar is thoroughly enjoying his massage classes and it is generally helping him to learn respect for others and their space. While I’m sure it will help to temper his exuberance he is naturally such an active and physical boy that I have not yet seen any marked reduction in his ‘bounce’ factor!
Parent of Year 1 boy

Sophie enjoys massaging sessions and often massages us all at home. She is very gentle and effective, often relieving headaches for me.”
Parent of Year 1 girl

Very pleased with the massage programme, the whole family is less stressed.”
Parent of boy in Year 1

Enjoyable, would like it to continue. Practices at home and a discussion point with all the family.”
Parent of boy in Year 1

James is interested. I’ve not noticed any changes in him but I do think it’s positive that the children learn working together and doing things to benefit others.”
Parent of boy in Year 1

Libby is enjoying massage in school and she will show us the actions that she’s learnt and enjoys massaging the rest of the family.
Parent of girl in Year 1

Joseph often massages me at home and is very good at it. It helps him concentrate and he enjoys giving a massage.
Parent of boy in Year 1

Emily really enjoyed learning massage. She spent a long time showing me each different position. We both found it very relaxing and Emily liked being able to do something nice for me.
Parent of girl in Year 2

Emily has enjoyed the massage lessons at school and has treated most of us at home to a massage. It has increased her confidence and respect for other people.”
Parent of girl in Year 2

“We have not noticed any change in Thomas from doing the programme, but he has been very keen to demonstrate the massage techniques learnt on us – great!
Parent of boy in Year 3

Tilly was very enthusiastic about the massage programme and loved to try out all the new moves. I enjoyed being her guinea pig! I liked the way each technique was given a ‘child-friendly’ name.”
Parent of child in year 3

She came home totally relaxed. She explained how it was done and what they were called. She has totally enjoyed it and so have we.”
Parent of girl in Year 3

Enjoyable and would like it to continue. Practice’s at home, a discussion point with siblings.
Parent of girl in Year 3

Leonie enjoys doing massage and tries out the movements on us at home, which is very nice. She asks permission first though!
Parent of girl in Year 4

Joe enjoys the massage sessions. He is very good at relieving headaches and stress when massaging me. He also massages his disabled sister.
Parent of boy in Year 5

Nina came home full of enthusiasm for the programme. We all had free massages. Good idea to name each massage by the patterns performed. Great idea!
Parent of girl in Year 5