Curricular Support

Every Child Matters

The Massage in Schools Programme is a high quality inclusive programme that can be used creatively within all curriculum areas and age groups and links to areas of current government initiatives relating to children, such as Every Child Matters.

Why MISP? Benefits to schools

The Massage In Schools Programme is a fun, whole school, preventative strategy for promoting respect and reducing bullying. It is a strategy that I feel should be considered by all primary schools fitting, as it does, into all the below initiatives.

John Stead – NSPCC Education Advisor and DfES anti-bullying co-ordinator for West Yorkshire

The diagram below shows the different ways you can use the MISP in your school’s curriculum.



However the MISP offers much more, including the following benefits:

  • It’s a positive model for emotional health and well being
  • Provides a positive tool against bullying
  • Helps children receive and give nurturing touch, bringing the associated benefits of massage
  • Enables children to feel good about themselves, raising self esteem
  • Encourages an environment of care and respect
  • Teaches the difference between positive, healthy touch and negative, inappropriate touch.
  • An inclusive programme that embraces all abilities, faiths and races
  • Encourages and sustains creative and fun approaches to learning.
  • Encourages children to learn from each other and work together
  • Supports the learning of subjects from across the curriculum

Teacher’s quotes:

Children have learnt how to respect each other and be polite.

Children have enjoyed working with all their peers.

It calms children after lunch so they are ready for the afternoon session.

It encourages tactile learning.It supports our anti-bullying policy.

Children are more caring to each other, especially those who have not shown this side of their nature.

Incidents of ‘negative touch’ have definitely decreased since establishing the massage daily. Some strong relationships have formed between massage partners who would not otherwise have been friends.