Benefits of MISA

Membership Benefits

If you would like to download the Terms & Conditions of becoming a MISA (EWNI) member please see attached:



You can only become a MISA (EWNI) member if you have completed the 2 day MISP Instructor training.

Included in your training fee is lifetime MISA membership.

As a copyright programme you have to maintain your MISA branch membership and contact whilst you are an active MISP Instructor. Some Instructors have not transferred to lifetime membership and currently the renewal for them is £60.  Email for further details.

hands_groupsMISA Membership Benefits include:

  • Exclusive access to our members only website which contains a wealth of information including; templates, comprehensive research,
    positive touch activities, members forum and much more
  • On-going support from the MISA EWNI Directors and Committee
  • Access to exclusive MISA & MISP promotional products
  • We keep you informed on MISP development and other areas that could impact on positive nurturing touch
  • Newsletter – with email information for special events such as Anti-Bullying Week 

General questions

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Independent instructors

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