Trainer Profiles

Anne Crease

portrait_anne_creaseAnne has been a Massage in Schools Instructor since 2001 and a Trainer since 2003. She is a former schoolteacher with extensive classroom experience, a grandparent to five children, a professional massage therapist and former volunteer therapist for a cancer care charity. She has a particular interest in adapting the MISP for children with special needs. Anne provides independent and in-house MISP trainings, presentations at conferences and workshops related to the educational curriculum. Anne has been a member of the Massage in Schools Association (MISA EWNI) since 2003. She is MISA EWNI Director and Membership Secretary and a former Chair of MISA EWNI.

Kate Pigeon-Owen

portrait_kate_pigeonowenKate is working mother of two. Her mission is to provide trainings and workshops to promote positive nurturing touch and improve communication between individuals. Kate has been a MISP instructor since 2002 and MISP trainer since 2005. She is also an instructor and trainer for the International Association for Infant Massage (IAIM). Kate believes passionately in the power of positive nurturing touch and is striving to promote the benefits of touch in every primary school in the UK ensuring that MISP is part of the daily curriculum.

Rod Davies

portrait_rod_daviesRod is an Educational Consultant specialising in social, emotional and behavioural difficulties (SEBD). He is a retired Headteacher and has worked in a major SEBD primary school in London, managing PRU, Behaviour Support Team, and Primary Learning Achievement Centre (PLAC), also Head at the National Centre for Young People with Epilepsy, PMLD, SLD, MLD, and autism. He has worked in the secondary sector as Head of Upper School and in a Local Authority SEN Advisory Service. Rod trained as a MISP Instructor in 2002 and became a MISP trainer in 2005. He was the first President of MISA International, and is a member of the International Trainers’ Development Group, working alongside MISP founders Sylvie Hetu and Mia Elmaster and a director of MISA EWNI.

Kate Norfolk

portrait_kate_norfolkKate has been a MISP instructor since 2008 and a MISP trainer since 2011. She studied psychology to masters’ level and holds a post graduate in counselling. She worked in mental health for over 7 years and has trained and worked extensively with various talk and touch/massage based therapies and is a busy mum of 3 fabulous children. Kate has worked as a freelance wellbeing practitioner in schools across Merseyside since 2002 and can provide in house and independent trainings (both MISP Instructor and Practitioner) as well as workshops and talks at Education Conferences. With her unique mix of academic background, hands on therapeutic skills and wealth of classroom experience, including school governance she understands the many challenges education staff and parents are faced with. She is a director of MISA and the current MISA Chair and continues to build on the solid foundations of the programme in this country, embedding it into the daily lives of all children.

Sandra Hooper

portrait_sandra_hooperSandra is an experienced primary school teacher and massage therapist; she has combined her experience and expertise in both fields and became a MISP instructor (2004) and MISP Trainer (2006), she has also been the Treasurer for MISA EWNI. With her experience of teaching in schools, Sandra brings an understanding of the challenges of introducing something new into an already full curriculum; with her experience as an independent massage therapist, she has developed skills and networks that she hopes will help new instructors take the MISP forward. Whether as teachers already in schools or health professionals wanting to introduce the MISP into schools, clubs and other extended school activities.

Carol Trower

portrait_carol_trowerCarol has been a MISP instructor since its inception in 2000 and a very experienced and passionate MISP trainer being on the first cohort in 2003. She is a former adult and child health professional with extensive experience and has a post-graduate Diploma in Child Mental Health. She is a qualified massage therapist and infant massage instructor, volunteers in her local community and is past president of IAIM (UK). She provides independent and in-house MISP trainings/workshops, inset days and conference presentations. Carol authored the first MISP research and produced the MISP DVD. She has presented MISP on national Television plus local and regional radio programmes. Carol was the founding chair for MISA EWNI for six years and is a MISA EWNI Director. She is currently the International President of MISA International working alongside the MISP founders Mia Elmsater and Sylvie Hetu.