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Welcome to the summer edition of the MISA newsletter. Wow!!! How full is our
newsletter, with lots of positive stories about how well MISP is being received. I was so
lucky to join the directors and members at the conference day in London and even got
to speak about the readiness for learning in Stoke on Trent. The children from
Kingsland Primary wrote some lovely comments on how they enjoy massage. What an
amazing few weeks I have had, massage in Stoke is great especially within some
schools, I have had the honour of working within the nursery class at Goldenhill
Primary, working with both children and the staff. This week I have been invited to the
nursery where the parents come in for the morning to see what the children are
enjoying, parents are coming to see how and why their children love mini MISP so
much and to learn it, so they can take it home ready for the summer holidays. Also
this week I am off to the Children’s University to see some of the children collect their
awards and MISP has helped them on their way.

Well the summer holidays are nearly upon us and I have to take this moment to thank everyone within MISA who has helped me along my way, I start a new chapter in my professional life in September, I am going to continue with my Massage and I am hoping to develop an after school club within my new job.
Ceris Walker, guest editor and MISA Director.

Don’t Forget!

YOU MUST be a full/current member of MISA (EWNI) CIC to be able to
practice the Massage in Schools Programme (MISP).
MISA Conference & AGM 2015

Massage in Schools Association (MISA)
England, Wales and Northern Ireland (EWNI)
Newsletter – Summer 2015
MISA’s 12th AGM and Conference themed ‘Back to Basics’ on Saturday 25th April was a great success with many a MISP Instructor (and trainer!) travelling considerable distance to share knowledge & enthusiasm for MISP and positive nurturing touch. The kinaesthetic workshop was a huge success and talks from our guest Editor Ceris Walker on MISP and Readiness for learning and of course the all important MISP Stroke
review, an enjoyable day for all. Please note that the resources, notes and presentation are available on the member’s website to download.



Mary Atkinson brought along red felt hearts to share our solidarity with fellow MISP instructor and Coroco charity founder Takiko Ando who practices MISP in Japan to help traumatized children & families after the devastation caused to by the tsunami of 11th March 2011.

Dear friends and colleagues,
I am Kate Norfolk and I stepped into the role of Chairperson at our above mentioned AGM. I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge and heartfelt ‘Thank you’ to Anne Crease who has been our chair for over 5 years. Anne has worked tirelessly supporting the organisation and members to grow and move forward – often at difficult times and I am so grateful she will continue as a MISA Director.
Thanks to you too for all that you do to bring positive touch into children lives and so creating a healthier society. Have a wonderful summer break and look out for some exciting developments at the start of the new academic year!
Future Events – Save the Date – MISA Member’s Day 2015 will be on Saturday 7th November at the Everton Family & Children’s Centre, Spencer Street, Liverpool, L6 2WF, more details to follow shortly.
Mothers Day Massage Event – TORFAEN, Wales
These photographs are from the Mothers Day Massage event which took place in Class 9 classroom at Crownbridge Special School, on Friday March 13th. These parents cashed in their ‘Mother’s Day Massage Vouchers’ where they received the weather story and our new positive touch activity ‘Wonderful Wales’ that was carried out over the Spring term. As you can see the Mums really enjoyed the massage as did the
children. We are very proud of our pupil’s achievements and the responses that parents have given, since this event two pupils have mentioned that they have given massage at home to their siblings and parents.


Mandy Aherne, MISP Instructor since 2008. Please note that although MISP is for 4 to 12 year olds (2 year olds if using Mini-MISP) older SEN children can use the MISP and it has been very beneficial in both SEN and mainstream settings.

Some Call It Pampering – Some Call It Massage!


These are my experiences that I have had after I completed my MISP training last year. I have a passion for massage and I have always believed that massage is a destressing and a healing magic. You just have to have the right mind, heart and hands.
For years many people have believed in massage and many of us are aware that it is human nature to touch as a way of showing love and affection. This touch stimulates the body in positive ways to help it grow and develop. Massage is beneficial at any age but because children are still developing it can be especially helpful for them.
Africa, being a continent that has preserved many traditional practices including massage, lacks the understanding that massage benefits both mother and child. Massage is the key to solving a huge problem: understanding that Parent-child massage is a wonderful way to bond with your children while offering them health benefits. Bonding is the key to successful relationship which can help to raise happy,
healthy and confident children.
When I first advertised my parent–child workshop, it included a long written explanation to let the parents be aware of the program and the benefits.

I started with only 2 parents; it was a 2 day workshop and in the first session, I had the mums come in to chat and discuss and understand the program and the next session they were empowered to run the routines (the steps/routines for massage) on their children.
After this, I hosted a few more workshops from home and in my work place called ‘My World Pre-School’. It is a centre of Excellence based in a town called Dar es Salaam. One of the most important skills that I feel I have imparted through these workshops is to respect and value each other by asking permission and thanking the person who has let you massage them. This program helped children feel good about themselves and my parents realised that this is where the gap stands. We have never given that respect, value and importance to our children.
Moreover some of the children felt awkward to ask permission before they started and to say ‘thank you’ after they finished; because according them, they just have to receive the massage when offered.
I must admit that I love sharing the knowledge I have gained. I have seen the benefits not only through the feedback from my parents and children who have participated in my workshops but I have seen a difference in my own relationship with my own children. I can clearly see the bond getting better as well as my girl’s self esteem blossoming. They understand the concept of giving and receiving as nurturing touch. I am very thankful to the MISP founders and trainers to have designed and delivered such a unique programme that helps every individual to realise how gentle touch can make a life changing difference in us all.
Sakina Teja, MISP Instructor since May 2014, based in Tanzania.


How Did MISP Help A Year 5 Class In Stoke on Trent?

These are the comments from the year 5 class when asked what ways we think
massage has helped us in School:

  • It has helped the whole class to work together as a team
  • It helps to get on with our work
  • We calm down when we do massage
  • We forget all the bad things we have done
  • It gives us friends
  • Stay relaxed
  • Pushes us in football
  • Using kind hands
  • Help people to forget bad memories
  • It makes us relaxed and it’s a stress relief
  • Helps if you had a family loss and pet loss
  • When we don’t feel great it helps us feel better
  • Helps a teacher feel relaxed if the teacher had a stressful day
  • It has helped the class to learn and listen better
  • Helps them to get better
  • It helps you to be more confident
  • I think it helps us to think be kind and learn more
  • It helps us to act better and to play with each other and not leave anyone out
  • It helps to work together and others
  • Helps people to not talk when a teacher is helping us learn
  • It helps us to think about others and to help us learn.

Thank you to Kim Webb, MISP Instructor since April 2015, Stoke-on-Trent.

MISP Instructor of the Season – Summer
Thanks to Loretto Cattell our MISP Instructor of Season for Spring and we would like to congratulate Vanessa Salter MISP Instructor of the Season Summer 2015.
Vanessa trained with Kate Pigeon-Owen in August last year and has since found success by running MISP in the family parenting workshops at her local Children’s centre in Portsmouth. At the MISA conference & AGM Vanessa shared with us her amazing work folders that she has put together. Thank you Vanessa for sharing your passion for MISP and family work, you’re such an inspiration.
I learned such a lot by teaching the course (MISP) and found the information in the manual about getting the teaching staff involved in pairing the pupils, participating in the sessions and identifying a leader to complete the evaluations and maintain the programme, invaluable. My Trainer Kate Pigeon-Owen and the MISA resources of Sarah and Anne and Stroke Cards and Charts were also a real help. I could never have
done the course without your help. Thank you. Loretto Cattell I realise it is a very beneficial practice; however my work has taken me in other directions. I still recommend MISP whenever I can, Keep up the good work. Mandy Stead no longer practices as a MISP Instructor but still supports our amazing work.
Sadly I have now retired and am no longer using the programme. Thank you for all the good work done by MISA. Long may it continue! Jane Mosse.

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