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We hope you are all enjoying the fabulous weather and a well-deserved wind down as the end of term approaches. Thank you all so much for your continued efforts to bring MISP to children across the country. It is impossible to truly gauge the reach our programme has but I like playing with numbers so here goes……
In Liverpool I have delivered to, on average 20 classes per week; that’s 600 children a week and over the academic year that’s 24,000 peer massaging kiddies! Many of whom go home and share with their families.
If it were possible to do the sums across the country, we would begin to see the emerging picture of more and more children experiencing the profound effects of MISP and despite the difficult financial climate – we are having major impact!!!
Well done all and keep up the good work
Down to business, this summer’s newsletter includes:
June Conference review – such a lovely day!
Updates from Story Massage in Japan from Mary Atkinson
Sarah and I have been busy launching Facebook and Twitter – a great way to stay in touch and raise the profile of the programme….please ‘like’ our page and invite your friends to like us too and do get involved, make posts etc. It all helps
keep up momentum!!
Lots to report about in the Autumn Newsletter (due October) but until then have a wonderful break!
Kate Norfolk, MISP Trainer and MISA Director

MISA Conference 2013
‘Celebrating 10 years of MISA – Moving On’

Saturday 8th June – Croydon
In May 2003 a small group of MISP instructors, with the founders of the MISP, Mia Elmsater and Sylvie Hetu, formed the Massage in Schools Association (MISA). In June this year, at the annual conference, three of the founding members celebrated their tenth anniversary of MISA membership. With over 4000 current and past members, MISA (England Wales and Northern Ireland) is well established and now there are MISA branches emerging worldwide.
Our celebratory conference day started with the AGM and then continued with members updating each other on progress in their various fields. We identified the positives and the challenges.
The afternoon session gave the opportunity to consider some new developments which support the programme. Mary Atkinson and Sandra Hooper outlined the development of their Story Massage and the members were involved in practical
activities, more information below.
Carol Trower is in the final stages of completing her work as the development coordinator for MISA, funded by the Tudor Trust. She outlined her recent work which involved the training of MISP instructors and the across school implementation of the MISP in several Croydon schools. A full evaluation is being undertaken to see the effects of the MISP on various age groups and a final report will be sent to the Tudor Trust later this year.
During the past year there has been a development of the mini-MISP for children 2-4 years. Kate Norfolk, MISP trainer and MISA director, has been working with the Everton Children’s Centre who trialled the mini-MISP. She gave the background to the development and then organised members in performing the sequences used by the children. We all very much appreciated Kate’s input and the opportunity to be involved in the practical activity.
Kate and Sarah (MISA’s administrator) are also involved in the development of the social media for the branch and now the public and members can join MISA on Twitter and Facebook.
Time was becoming limited when members started their discussion about the further development of MISA and it was recognised that another workshop*
would be needed to explore some of the issues in greater detail. However, some new instructors benefitted from the experience of others in considering how to contact schools, who to contact, curriculum links, what to charge, how to
organise implementation and much more. It was a successful day.
Anne Crease, MISA Chair
*The next workshop is arranged for Saturday 19 October in Croydon.


Anne Crease, Helen Lawton & Carol Trower, three of the original founding members of MISA EWNI,
10 years on and still going strong!


MISP Stroke Review in action


MISA Conference and AGM 2013 – group photograph

We have booked the conference room again in Croydon for Saturday 19th October 2013 for a follow up – ‘Meeting of Minds’ for open discussion and sharing of ideas of how to strengthen MISA (EWNI) and help MISP grow in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.
Places are limited to 20, if you are able to attend please email admin@misa.org.uk to secure a place. Refreshments will be provided but please bring a packed lunch.

Story Massage


Mary Atkinson & Sandra Hooper demonstrating with the help of Anne Crease MISA Chair their Massage Story at the MISA conference 8th June

An exciting new Story Massage project was announced at the MISA AGM in June 2013 and given a positive ‘thumbs up’ by members.
The Story Massage project, developed by Sandra Hooper MISP Instructor/Trainer and Mary Atkinson MISP Instructor, uses an interactive combination of website (www.storymassage.co.uk), social media, newsletter, e-book and training options to encourage opportunities for all children to benefit from positive touch through story massage.
The e-book Once upon a touch…. story massage for children includes step-bystep instructions with carefully filmed video clips for ten easy to follow basic stokes plus 25 ‘tried and tested’ story massages which vary in length, complexity and content. Designed to help build confidence with story massage, some of the stories contain only a few strokes and take less than a minute to complete. Others may take up to four or five minutes and involve most or all of the ten basic strokes.
Once upon a touch… story massage for children (£4.99) will be published in September 2013 but can be pre-ordered from the website. Details of the FHT accredited training, which comprises a 3 hour workshop based on the e-book, are also on the website. (www.storymassage.co.uk)

Story Massage in Japan – Update

The Story Massage project is a natural development from Mary and Sandra’s work with the Japanese charity, Cocoro, using story massage for the children who have been so badly affected by the devastating earthquake and tsunami.
You may remember reading in a previous newsletter that in April 2012, Mary visited Rikuzentakata with Takiko Ando, MISP Instructor and founder of Cocoro Charity, to introduce a story massage into nurseries and kindergartens. The Smiling Flowers story massage, based on the healing power of nature, was so popular and beneficial that the teachers and children began asking for more story massages on different topics.
Whilst writing another story massage for Cocoro charity, Mary and Sandra recognized the need for an e-book of simple story massages to be used at home, in school and within the wider community – all over the world.
The latest story massage written especially for the kindergartens is called Gull Meets His Friends and holds the message that people from all over the world are still thinking about the victims of the tsunami. Alice Clark, a talented student from Brighton who has warm memories of being taught the MISP routine by Sandra, illustrated the story massage with bright and colourful drawings. The illustrated story was then translated into Japanese and made into laminated A4 story books to be presented to each of the six kindergartens.
It was wonderful to have news that MISP trainer, Tomoyo Nozaki, had joined Takiko Ando to introduce the massage story to children and teachers in June 2013. “The new story was very, very popular,” says Takiko, “As soon as we had finished doing it, they wanted to do it all over again!”
Two years after the disaster, the situation in Rikuzentakata remains very depressing and people are struggling to cope with so much loss. However, Tomoyo and Takiko said that the local people were really moved to know that they were still remembered by friends in the UK. The smiles on the faces of the children and teachers whilst doing the story massage shows the far reaching benefits and amazing power of positive, nurturing touch for children.
For more information about Cocoro’s work with story massage please visit our website www.storymassage.co.uk or http://tinyurl.com/CocoroUK
By Mary Atkinson, MISP Instructor
COMING SOON – MISP Promotional film!

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