Dec 2014

A very warm welcome to this autumn newsletter! I hope that you are all well and enjoying the rhythm and pace of the autumn term before the hectic run up to the festive season.
It’s certainly been a busy time for MISA and for so many of us working with the program. Please grab a cuppa’ and sit back and have a read of the latest news….
Upcoming dates for action include Anti-bullying Week (17th – 21st November) our MISA Member’s Day (22nd November) and news on the Wrexham Peace Day project and from MISP starting to grow in Bosnia as well as a New Year Stroke Review
Workshop for those living in the North West. Find out who our instructor of the season is and of course how to stay in touch and share our stories with each other.
We are so grateful for your input and your work with children – YOU make a difference!!
Thank you, Kate Norfolk xx
(Autumn Guest Editor)

ABA Week 17th–21st November

Every year the Anti-Bullying Alliance coordinate national Anti-Bullying Week; a week where children and young people, schools, parents and carers come together with one aim: to stop bullying for all. This year we are calling on the school community to take action to stop the bullying of ALL children and young people – including disabled children and those with special educational needs – children who are significantly more likely to experience bullying in schools and the wider community.


Lots of FREE downloads from the ABA website are available

MISA Member’s Day 2014

On Saturday 22nd November we will be coming together to for our ‘MISP and New Beginnings’ Members Day at the MISA head office in Croydon, South London. From 9:30-5pm we will be engaging in ‘Change’ and ‘Goal’ workshops, looking at ‘New
Beginnings’ with MISP in the England, Wales & Northern Ireland, Promotion, Ideas in to action and of course a MISP Stroke review. The event only costs £15 for the day including lunch and refreshments. If you are interested in attending please email for further details and a copy of the booking form.

World Peace Day Event – Wrexham

For the third year running, pupils from local schools (St. Christopher’s, Rhosnesni, Hafod y Wern, Brynteg, Holt, Bodhyfryd and Rhosddu) marked World Peace Day at St. Christopher’s school in Hightown, Wrexham on Monday 22 September, exploring the theory and practice of peace through a wide range of lessons, workshops and practical activities. While older pupils explored ethical dilemmas in warfare and how the military engages with young people, younger students learned about conscientious objectors in WWI and the lives of children in Afghanistan. Others worked on how to deal with negative feelings, made ‘peace mala’ bracelets, wrote poems, sang songs for peace and talked about climate change.


Brynteg pupils learned to offer each other massage in the cool shade of the trees outside and about Sikh seva (selfless
service) in the heat of the cookery room

The pupils brought things they no longer needed themselves to put on the free stall and were invited to take anything they could use from it – a practical lesson in abundance through sharing.
Other activities included making a rainbow collage and peace badges as well as face painting and co-operative games.
At the end of the day, everyone came back together to share what they had learned. We heard the children’s songs and poems, a personal view on the day from a Rhosnesni pupil and the children who had learned about massage showed us how it’s done with a massage circle that filled the sports hall.


This year, the Peace Day group also offered sessions at Coleg Cambria’s Yale campus where students on public service and
health & social care courses today took part in workshops on Women in Afghanistan, ethical dilemmas in warfare, and military engagement with young people.

All the activities above were organised and offered with love and on a voluntary basis by members and friends of Wrexham Peace Day Group, a network of individuals and organisations who come together every year on World Peace Day to hold peace events in town and in the classroom.
Katy Saxby, MISP Instructor June 2014, Wrexham

MISP in Bosnia

I have been visiting Bosnia, Sarajevo quite regularly over the past 12 years. I first came to Bosnia to provide therapies to victims of the 1992-95 war. It rapidly became apparent that therapy training was needed for local healthcare workers and teachers, so I set up Phoenix-Aid, a UK registered charity, to provide training access in different therapies and new techniques to those working with children and the disabled, as well as other groups that need help for their users.
I’m constantly looking for new, cost effective methods of delivering results, and had heard about MISP, which seemed to be a very useful tool in promoting a ‘feel good’ atmosphere in potentially stressful situations. I thought it would be particularly useful in Bosnia for various reasons, partially connected to promoting ethnic harmony in multi-ethnic organisations, and also, as I used it on my last visit, in a ‘safe house’ for abused families.
After some negotiation I ran two teaching sessions for the people at the Safe House in Sarajevo, and really enjoyed my time there. The group included 2 young boys, one of whom was about 9 and the other about 3. The older one picked up the MISP routine really quickly and then showed the younger one, who was playing and not interested, what he’d been doing. The younger boy thought it felt quite nice and then said he’d do it on his mum, so he did the entire routine on his mum! The older boy also worked on his mum and another helper at the centre, and was brilliant! It went really well and they’re very happy with both the concept and the practical massage.


The lady doing the massage on the right is the group psychologist, who was very good at persuading the little boy to do the massage on his mum (the pair in the middle). The older boy is on the left working on his mum

I’m going to stay in contact with them to get feedback in a month and then again in a couple of months, to see how it was working. I did this for 2 reasons a) because I want to check that they’re using the MISP and b) because I had a meeting with a friend who works in the psychology department at the International University in Sarajevo. She was interested in MISP, so I passed on to her the MISA details so she could read up on MISP. I will also keep her informed on how it was going at the Safe House; hopefully this will lead to some MISP development in Bosnia.
Sarah Greenwood, MISP Instructor, February 2014, Wakefield

MISP Instructor of the Season

In my school I have taught MISP in reception and year one classes. The feedback from the teachers has been very positive, the children are much calmer, I have also been working with individual parents who have been struggling to settle their children to sleep (mostly 3 and 4 year olds) and have lots of grateful feedback from parents who are now getting their children to sleep at a reasonable time and have their evenings/beds back!! I have also been approached by an adoption support group to teach their children. I love MISP and enjoying the challenges of getting it into my school and I would like to get it into other schools soon.
Julie Griffin, MISP Instructor, Rothwell Victoria Infant School, Northamptonshire,
Trained May 2013.

North West Regional Support Group

MISP Trainer and MISA Director Kate Norfolk will be running a MISP Stroke Review Workshop at Everton Nursery School & Family Centre, Spencer Street, Liverpool, L6 2WF on Thursday 22nd January from 1:30pm-3:30pm. Please do get in touch and let us know if you can come along…there will be a small charge of £5. We always have a great cake baked in the local community bakery to enjoy


I have spent roughly four weeks implementing MISP in both KS1 and KS2 in our school and so far feedback has been positive. The children have very much accepted it and enjoy the sessions, and teachers are noticing a change in the children and their respect for each other.
The sessions have a very calming effect on the children and the music we use for the massage is also being used during reading time and independent work helping the children focus better.
Maureen Bell, Wellbeing Officer at Bridgewater School, Newcastle, Trained May 2006.

MISA Warehouse

Please note that a new warehouse order form has been put on the member’s website with an update products list. Please login to the member’s website to view the products and books available.

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