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Oct 2016
Oct 2016Easy Fund Raising, MISP in Kosovo, Anti-Bullying Week, International News
Spring 2016
Spring 2016To refresh or not: Justin Merton; Members Day; Children's Day
Jul 2015
Jul 2015Mary Atkinson, Sakina Teja from Tanzania, Kim Webb from Stoke on Trent
Apr 2015
Apr 2015MISA Members Day, Stoke-on-Trent Health conference, Managing media, Loretto Cattell, Xmas Challenge
Dec 2014
Dec 2014ABA Week, MISA Members Day, World Peace Event, MISP in Bosnia
Jul 2013
Jul 2013Celebrating 10 years of MISA, Story Massage in Japan
Apr 2012
Apr 2012Tsunami Victims, MISA Conference, feedback
Oct 2011
Oct 2011Camexpo 2011, MISA Conference, Anti-bullying Week