Benefits of MISA

Membership Benefits

If you would like to download the Terms & Conditions of becoming a MISA (EWNI) member please see attached:



You can only become a MISA (EWNI) member if you have completed the 2 day MISP Instructor training.

Included in your training fee is lifetime MISA membership.

As a copyright programme you have to maintain your MISA branch membership and contact whilst you are an active MISP Instructor. Some Instructors have not transferred to lifetime membership and currently the renewal for them is £60.  Email for further details.

hands_groupsMISA Membership Benefits include:

  • Exclusive access to our members only website which contains a wealth of information including; templates, comprehensive research,
    positive touch activities, members forum and much more
  • On-going support from the MISA EWNI Directors and Committee
  • Access to exclusive MISA & MISP promotional products
  • We keep you informed on MISP development and other areas that could impact on positive nurturing touch
  • Newsletter – with email information for special events such as Anti-Bullying Week 

General questions

What is the massage in schools programme?

A programme of clothed massage carried out by the children on each other with permission in a classroom setting. It also includes other touch based activities. Please see research for full details of MISP.

What are the main benefits of introducing massage into schools?

Briefly the benefits are: 1) Children become calmer and concentration improves 2) Children have more confidence and increased self esteem 3) MISP teaches children to respect others and leads to social inclusion 4) There is a reduction in bullying and aggression 5) Children’s emotional health improves 6) Helps children to recognise ‘good’ and ‘bad’ touch 7) Children show improved motor skills 8) MISP Encourages visualisation and kinaesthetic learning 9) Children are encouraged to make choices 10) Co-operation improves as children work in pairs and groups 11) There is a calmer classroom environment (the teacher benefits from all these aspects) 12) Massage in FUN!

Is the programme being offered in other countries?

Yes MISP is now in 36 other countries and spreading…see for further details.


Will I be told if massage is being introduced into my child’s school or club?

Yes. Parents should be informed of the programme, the child is always asked for consent before working with a partner. The child can give or withhold permission, as that is their right

I am not sure about this; can I come into school and watch?

Yes, most schools have an open event so questions can be answered and fears alleviated and normally will include a demonstration/watching a DVD, so coming into school to watch before deciding whether to allow your child to participate is fine.

Independent instructors

How can I train to be an MISP instructor?

Attend a 2 day MISP training course – please see ‘future MISP trainings’ for list of the latest trainings (link to come). The MISP training course costs between £320-£350 depending on the course venue and location. The fee includes a comprehensive manual and one year’s MISA Membership.

Is there any funding available?

This is very LA (area) specific, MISA has details of a few possible funding streams that could be applied for, but not guaranteed. MISA sadly cannot offer a bursary fund for training MISP instructors at this time, but this is being looked into.